Best Practices for Funding Sustainability


Receiving a grant award often brings mass joy and excitement to a community agency. It gives hope and the greater potential to address one’s organizational mission and community needs with the infusion of necessary grant funds.

Most grants are written in such a way that the budget is specifically designed to support the direct implementation of the grant award and proposal content. Other than indirect monies, there are often no dollars left to implement activities not called for in the proposal or to continue programming after the grant funding period is over. When the funding is over, the program is typically over as well.

This situation can create havoc in organizations and communities. Employees are at risk of being laid off…children, families, and others relying on your services will be left high and dry…partners may get angry at the sudden stop in services, etc. There are many negative ramifications for not engaging in sustainability planning the MOMENT you receive a grant award, if not sooner.

View this hour-long webinar during which Resource Associates’ grant expert, Marissa Berg, explains best practices for creating funding sustainability. You’ll learn:

  • How to design a sustainability plan
  • How to determine the need after the initial funding period
  • How to identify and leverage new funding sources and partnerships
  • How to integrate a project into your general budget

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