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Blog – 2020 Year in Review

It has been a year to remember. What started as a hopeful outlook going into 2020 quickly changed gears in mid-march, motivating many nonprofits to change their focus and work to provide and operate to the best of their capacity due to COVID restrictions. Although it was challenging, millions of dollars were made available in grant funding for nonprofits to provide the exceptional services they offer. With shutdowns in place in many states across the country, we saw the first change in the form of deadline extensions given for many of the grants due during the first shutdown. These extensions were a blessing and a curse, as now all of the grants due were within the same few weeks to make time for the review and award process ahead of the Federal Fiscal Year’s end on September 30th. Many of our clients took advantage of utilizing our services as a resource during this troubling time.   

While this last year has been challenging, we are entering a new virtual era that will allow for planning and preparation for grants in this next season. Now is the time to determine which initiatives you want your organization to prioritize.

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