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How Are Nonprofits Coping in the Current Funding Climate?

How Are Nonprofits Coping in the Current Funding Climate?

It seems like nonprofit organizations are always finding new ways to fund their efforts and stretch those dollars as far as possible, but in a recession or political crisis we have to be even more creative about how to continually find funding and how to make it last.The initial instinct is to try to do more with less. This is always a good idea, and if you have the benefit of a large number of unpaid volunteers or unpaid interns you can really go a long way on just a little, but many organizations are not that fortunate and even those that are have real costs to consider as well. With this in mind we are forced to look outward and to reach for every potential source of funding possible. Many new or small organizations (and even some larger organizations) rely on regular or renewing donations from their community. If you are addressing needs in the community, there are often others who share your values and would like to help as well but maybe don’t have the time to get involved. Reaching out to your community, with an email campaign or a newsletter is a good way to keep in touch and can yield some funds. Hosting local events and fundraisers can also be a good way not only to raise funds but to raise your visibility in your community and remind people of the good work you are doing and that they can support you with donations as well.

Of course the most reliable way to insure your capacity to do good in your community is with grants, and although we’ve been through quite the rocky seas first over the last election cycle, and then over the last year and a half with the incoming administration, the reality is that we don’t really know what the next budget cycle will bring as far as grant funding and only time will tell. What a lot of folks may not know though, is that we are still on the previous administration’s budget, and will still be for the rest of 2018. That means that there are a lot of large State and Federal funds that will be just as they have been mostly for the last 7 years and that this might be your last chance to secure those 3, 4 and 5 year funding cycles before things change next year.

So how do nonprofits tap into those resources if we are not already writing grants?

We at Resource Associates have a lot of resources to share and would love to walk you through it. First, we offer a free email service that any nonprofit can join to be notified when grants that might be within their scope of interest and geographic region called the Grant Siren. For no cost you can sign up on www.grantwriters.net and start to learn about what’s out there and what they might fund. Next you can call us and talk to one of our grant writers any time from 8am-5pm Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday. We’re here and are happy to chat about general strategy, or to answer specific questions about any of the grants you’ve been notified about through the Grant Siren, identified on your own or perhaps to revisit a strategy plan that we’ve helped you build previously or how to take it to the next level. We also offer custom research services that are more affordable than you might think and would help you to plan a strategy and a budget for the upcoming year for grant writing and how to exceed your funding goals. Once we’ve identified what’s out there and of priority to your nonprofit and your community, we can also help with professional grant writing, technical review and editing of your application work or post-award support with PHD level services such as Data Collection, Program Evaluation, Reporting, and Professional Development to meet the needs of your funded programs.

I know it seems scary out there and it only gets worse as the funds start to run thin but truly the best defense is a good offense and our seasoned pros can help you get the best possible return on investment on your funding efforts so please give us a call today.

We look forward to putting our experience to work for you.

Scott Hyland



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