How Nonprofit Capacity Builders, Inc. is Leveraging Organizational Development Workshops


Nonprofits have a great need to build and enhance their team’s skills. But organizational and leadership professional development can be expensive. There are rarely funds to spare for this type of training, no matter how critical it is. Ignoring staff development needs can ultimately harm your organization and its ability to fulfill its mission. So, what’s the solution? Capacity Builders, Inc. (CBI), a 501(c)3 nonprofit operating out of Farmington, NM, has solved the problem by offering free and low-cost workshops that result in a certification and an increased knowledge and the ability to serve for both their staff and external community members.

CBI’s mission is to build the capacity of the neediest tribal nonprofits and communities through training and support programs so they are better able to improve the lives of Native American youth and families. CBI does this through a variety of direct services including curriculum facilitation, community training, job-startup programs, and coalition building. When brainstorming how to offer their staff more professional growth opportunities, the CBI team realized that their community training programs could do double duty for their organization. Offering organizational development workshops to other nonprofits serving tribal communities was already a fundamental component of the organization’s sustainability efforts. The agency decided that they would train their staff on workshop facilitation as a way to foster agency leaders, develop their team’s facilitation skills, and create additional value within each employee.

The expansion of CBI’s workshops to include facilitation training for staff has strengthened the organization and expanded the value it brings to the community it serves.

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