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While most grants are specifically for nonprofit (501(3)(c)) organizations, there are some grants available for profit generating businesses. Those that provide community oriented services, research and development, housing, workforce development, childcare, medical services, or that are in the agricultural industry are most likely to qualify for grants.

A free consultation with a Resource Associates’ grant expert will determine whether your business is eligible for grants. If it is, we can help you with researching, writing and winning grants. If your business is not eligible for grants, we can explore other options with you including Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and possibly incorporating as a nonprofit business.

A key component of qualifying for SBA and other low interest loans is your business plan. If you and your Resource Associates’ consultant determine that loans are the best avenue to pursue for funding your business, Resource Associates can develop a detailed business plan that is clear, concise, and compelling so funders will have the assurance that you and your business are a solid investment.

Watch out for scams!

Everyday, disreputable organizations send emails and run ads that promise businesses easy ways to get funding. There is no free money and most of these organizations want to sell you expensive books, courses, and other schemes that make them money and leave you high and dry. The reality is that the federal government does not readily provide grants for starting a business, paying off debt or covering operational expenses – regardless of what you may read on the Internet.

Resource Associates has been in the grant writing business for 20 years. We’ve seen nearly every scam there is and work hard to protect our clients from them. Our consultants are trustworthy and will honestly and reliably tell you the truth regarding your potential ability and likelihood of acquiring grant funding as opposed to trying to sell you worthless books and useless services.

Thousands of individuals and businesses contact Resource Associates each year to inquire about the bountiful grant opportunities featured on TV and the internet that seem to be oozing out of Washington. At Resource Associates, we believe that the “free money” hype does nothing more than create false hope and waste our clients’ time and resources.

Grant Harmony — Resources for Individuals & Businesses

Resource Associates has a special department and website specifically for individuals and businesses in search of grant funding. Please visit  Grant Harmony to learn more about our services.



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