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Grant Siren goes beyond needs and eligibility matching.

Expect “write worthy,” winnable opportunities based on our experience, award history, funder reputation, ROI, and subscriber competitiveness.

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Just $9.99/mo. for big and small entities alike.

Grant Siren covers all funding sectors (community, foundation, state, federal) and COVID funding!

Feel confident knowing our alerts feature grants we’ve successfully written in the past and believe will result in awards.

The Sensible Solution for Grant Selection




Grants from nearly all US funders are screened continually.



Zero tolerance for   “grant chum.”


Only receive alerts of quality grants likely to result in awards.


We never waste time pursuing unfundable grants.

Go Ahead, Search the Internet for Grants.

What you’ll discover are thousands of grant possibilities put together by our competitors who “scrape” free websites and charge the public for this same information.

Experienced grant writers know most of the “scraped” opportunities are not viable. We call non-viable grants: “grant chum.”

Grant Siren is special because it filters out the grants with little to no chance of award, matching our subscribers to only “write worthy,” winnable grant opportunities.

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your own grant proposals or hire us to write them for you. We’ll support you either way.

What is Grant Chum?

Grant chum (and fluff) refer to hard-to-get grant opportunities.

We strive to eliminate grant chum. 

This means no grants from illegitimate sources. No grants without award history and real deadlines. No tiny grants, costing more to pursue than manage. Grant Siren is by real grant writers dedicated to quality opportunities.

Grant Siren Plans


  • Grant Alerts
  • Weekly Grants Digest
  • Discounts and Special Offers


  • Grant Alerts
  • Weekly Grants Digest
  • Discounts and Special Offers

What Fans Say About Resource Associates

“I have used other grant writers in the past and I can honestly say that RA is the best in the U.S. hands down.”

Aynn Daniels

President, Linda Resources

“We have been working with Resource Associates for a couple of years now and have applied for 2 federal grants (both were awarded at nearly $4 million). This has been a successful and fruitful relationship.”

Kelley Gangi

Director of Curriculum, Wachusett Regional School District

“Since I began using Resource Associates over 10 years ago, the two rural Alaska school districts that I have been superintendent of have been awarded over $5 million in state and federal grant funds. They are everything and more in what I need from a grant writer.”

Eric Gebhart

Superintendent, Kake Alaska

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