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Charter schools require solid startup plans and operation guidelines to be successful.
Delegate the planning, policy writing, and funding application writing to us.
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    Charter School Development

    The nation’s top charter school strategists work for Resource Associates.

    These are retired administrators with proven track records in founding, directing, and funding charter schools.

    LEA, private, and national charter types have all worked with Resource Associates.


    The following services are most popular for charters challenged with application approvals and financial growth:

    Feasibility Study
    This master plan begins with a deep dive into your financial and organizational capacity to run a successful charter. We guide decision making on incorporation type, partnership requirements, and growth maps. Reports discuss per pupil allowances, special grants and funding streams, and charter records and policy protocols.

    Charter School Application
    Delegate the time-consuming process of applying to become a charter school. Resource Associates’ experts will streamline the application process to ensure you are tapping into all discretionary and formula funding available. We’re available to make edits and work with an LEA or state when modifications are needed.

    School Lunch Study Application
    Help with enrolling in school lunch, technology, and education entitlements is also available. When resources exist for charter students, we can typically find them and assist in requesting or formally applying.

    Charter schools have faced tough challenges with inconsistent funding and government support. I have helped a number of charter schools create a successful charter application and business plan, built for sustainability. Extensive funding can be captured by professionally established charters offering relevant services to students. I can get you there.
    Dr. Deborah Montgomery
    Former School Administrator and Charter Development Advisor
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