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Founded in 1995, Resource Associates has spent nearly three decades working with 501(c)(3) agencies, schools, tribes, governmental agencies, and businesses to win hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funding for their organizations. Our mission? To bring positive change to communities around the globe through grant engineered programs.

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Meet the talented and experienced leadership team guiding the work of Resource Associates' grant experts.

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Resource Associates is a member in good standing of the New Mexico Better Business Bureau and belongs to several accredited grant writing and fundraising associations.


The main reason Resource Associates is so effective in helping organizations grow is our focus on getting to know your organization inside and out. The first phase of every project is information gathering so that your dedicated Resource Associates’ team can learn all about your goals, challenges, infrastructure, processes, and current funding as we work to develop recommendations that will leverage your organization’s ability to build capacity.

Our goal is to take those fundraising and grant writing projects that could benefit from our expertise completely off your plate. So whether you are a start-up nonprofit looking to secure partnership documentation for upcoming funding opportunities or the head of a grant writing team looking for professional development and technical and other grant writing assistance, our services will catalyze the growth and development of your organization.

Resource Associates knows so much about the district and our needs. When a grant is released that they think is a good fit they call me right away to make sure I’ve seen it.”

GERI GILSTRAP | Superintendent, Stilwell Public Schools (OK)

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