Nonprofit Business Plans are
Grant Essential

There’s more money for nonprofits than ever before; but only those with solid business plans are grant eligible.
When written by industry experts, nonprofit business plans can quickly open doors to grant awards and sustainability.
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Nonprofit Business Plans

Like any successful business, nonprofits can’t thrive without clear budgets, goals, policies, and revenue pathways.

Nonprofit business plans are essential for community serving agencies, especially those struggling to define next steps to pandemic recovery or growth.


Common nonprofit business questions include:

– What analytics determine a nonprofit’s success if nonprofits, by nature, aren’t meant to generate profit?

– How do you get paid by a nonprofit?

– What grants pay for nonprofit start up and operations?

Nonprofit business plans answer these questions.

After a brief video conference with your team, we dive into nonprofit market research, incorporation document analysis, financial statements and forecasts, persuasive executive summary drafting, upcoming grant and COVID funding opportunities, policy development needs, and much more.

A completed nonprofit business plan will be presentation ready in just a few weeks. Crafted, never templated. Guaranteed to impact growth.

Start Planning
The average nonprofit startup spends 1300 hours in just the paperwork and planning stage. A nonprofit business plan can make or break a new venture. I’ve worked with thousands of nonprofits on establishing relevant, funding-worthy missions and plans. These are followed by aggressive grant pursuit and immediate capacity building results.
John Nawrocki
Nonprofit Startup and Growth Professional
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