Nonprofit Incorporation Means
Grant Eligibility

Grants are mostly restricted to nonprofits; but nonprofit incorporation is tedious. One mistake can set you back months and thousands of dollars.
Let nonprofit industry experts get you incorporated efficiently and do it right the first time.
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Nonprofit Incorporation

Becoming a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation has many benefits, including the ability to qualify for private and public grants.

Resource Associates has helped hundreds of organizations incorporate as nonprofits. We handle the complicated, time-consuming application process for you, ensuring complex documents are drafted and properly submitted.


We can assist at any stage of the nonprofit incorporation process, including the preparation of Articles of Incorporation, Federal Employer ID Number (FEIN) request, and response to IRS or other government inquiries.

Let us handle the 501(c)(3) paperwork so you can focus on serving your community.

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Since 2010 I’ve assisted hundreds of startups to incorporate as 501c3s in nearly all 50 states. I know how to efficiently complete state paperwork so federal processing takes minimal time.
Marissa Burger
Former Nonprofit Advisor
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