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On-Demand Webinar: What Happens After You Win a Grant

On-Demand Webinar: What Happens After You Win a Grant

by Resource Associates @ grantwriters.net

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Winning a grant is one of the most exciting events for a nonprofit organization. With grant money available, you’ve got resources to advance your mission. But winning a grant comes with a lot of rules, regulations, and required activities that many nonprofits aren’t fully aware of when they apply for grants.

Watch this free on-demand webinar with experienced grant program manager, Rachel Nawrocki, to learn the ins and outs of developing, implementing, and monitoring a project and fiscal management plan for the entire life of your grant.

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Rachel will review:

  • Post-Grant-Submission Expectations
  • Terms, Conditions & Acceptance
  • Internal & External Compliance
  • Execution & Performance
  • Maximizing Outcomes

Whether you’ve recently been awarded a grant or are planning for grant funding in the future, this webinar will provide valuable information to help ensure you’re in compliance and doing everything possible to develop a strong program that will be funded again.

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