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A strong grant management plan is needed to secure funding and also to ensure that you stay in compliance with the requirements of the grant. If your organization pursues grants on a regular or even annual basis, you should employ at least one part-time grant manager. Grant managers handle the grant from start to finish, including writing grant proposals, planning and implementing grant programs, and ensuring that your agency is audit-ready at all times. Learn more about the importance of grant managers in our blog post, What Good Grant Managers Do.

If your organization doesn’t have this level of support for your grant programs, Resource Associates can help with our Grant Management Services. Our professional consultants have been managing grants for more than 20 years. We know what needs to be done and can help you develop, implement, and monitor a project and fiscal management plan for the entire life of your grant(s).

Resources Associates takes a unique approach to grant management. We carefully analyze your organizational policies, procedures, and practices, and we evaluate and monitor your financial and grant management and evaluation protocols. We then align your practices with that of funders to ensure that you are in full compliance. Throughout this process, we provide you with affordable (and often free) technology solutions that will allow your staff to track grant activities and expenditures.

Our Grant Management Services also include:

  • Laying out all of the terms and conditions of your grant award, including payment processes, cost sharing, and program income requirements.
  • Helping you create a game plan for accomplishing your grant goals and objectives, including assisting with the hiring process and building/implementing systems and processes to track grant activities against funder expectations.
  • Supporting you in meeting your required financial and performance reporting requirements.
  • Coaching you on how to use grant funds for rent and property management expenses.
  • Guiding you through any changes in budget or scope that you might have for your grant.
  • Supporting the communication process between you and your awarding agency.
  • Guiding you through end of grant issues, including close-out.
  • Educating your staff on grant management tips and system revisions for improving management of current and subsequent grants.
  • Creating an optimal relationship so you can take advantage of our other professional services such as grant writing, evaluation, and audit coaching.

As soon as you’ve been awarded a grant, get in touch with Resource Associates. We’ll get everything in place so you can implement a successful grant with no stress or additional burden on your staff.  We can also do all of the required grant evaluation and reporting. The best part of working with Resource Associates for your grant management solution is that in most cases you can pay for our services from your grant monies. This means no out of pocket expense for your organization.

Not sure grant management is right for your organization? Read our blog post about common barriers to grant management.

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