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Questions to Ask to Define Your Organization’s Need

Telling potential funders why you need their support may sound like the easiest part of the grant writing process, but in fact it’s often the hardest and most time consuming part. The “need” is what problem in your community that you’re trying to solve. Solving the need should drive toward a broader vision, have a strategic impact, and have sustainability beyond the grant. You can help define your need by asking these questions.

Why are you requesting funds?

Again, this sounds simple but to write a clear, concise answer can be a challenge. When answering this question make sure to identify exactly what you are trying to accomplish and what you hope to achieve with the funding you’re requesting. This statement should demonstrate a specific issue or problem in the community that you’re trying to address.

How will this funding improve your community?

Funders want to have confidence that their money will make a real difference so it’s important that you can demonstrate and articulate what changes will result from the program you’re requesting funding for.

What do I need to reach this goal?

Answering this question is the starting place for developing your budget. Be sure to think about human resources and partners as well as hard goods that will be needed.

Who else can support me in addressing this need?

You need to think strategically about who you can partner with to address the wider issues of your initiative. Funding bodies like to see collaboration across agencies and that any funding they give will support a wider community effort aimed at addressing social issues. Such partners might include community leaders, local businesses, and city and county agencies.

Before you start writing your grant proposal, spend some time with your stakeholders answering the questions above. The time spent will pay off in a clearly defined and strong needs statement.

If you’d like help defining your need or writing the needs statement for a grant proposal, the grant experts at Resource Associates are here to help. Consultations are always free so get in touch today!

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