Grant Research Report

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Marissa Burger

Industry leader in grants 

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Grant Research Report

Grant selection made easy

A Grant Research Report details up to 50 winnable grants you can apply for now and in the coming months.

These are legitimate grants matched to your eligibility, capacity, goals, and needs.

Grants are handpicked by a real grant writer (not an internet algorithm), so you can apply with confidence.

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The GRO process begins with you sharing your insight…

We want to know everything about your agency: history, partners, funding successes, challenges, COVID impact and your plans for building a sustainable, community-relevant, grant-funded nonprofit.

We say: focus on community “do-gooding,” not grant hunting.

Ready to GRO?

GRO’s are not a spreadsheet or compilation of mindless internet research…

Final GRO reports are comprehensive (including RFPs, deadlines, and award history). We formally review GRO’s with each client in preparation for grant writing action.

This grant analysis process is special because of the grant writer’s involvement.

Only a writer can assess your unique competitiveness for grants in context to award patterns and history, elements of capacity, and funder reliability. Only a grant writer could calculate funders’ response to your grant applications.

Nonprofit professionals are ready to find, write, and win grants. Explore valuable services for both nonprofit startups and experienced agencies.