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Grant Title:

High Obesity Grant



Amount Per Grant:

$1,200,000 for 60 Months


education entities

Funding Purpose:

To engage and leverage community extension services to implement evidence-based strategies to address obesity.


Department of Health and Human Services

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Number Of Awards:


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Other Eligibility Requirements:

and Grant Universities located in states with eligible counties are eligible to apply for funding No more than one land grant university per state will receive funding. A table of states and the number of eligible counties, defined as "counties with over 40% adult obesity prevalence" which for this NOFO have been based on 2020 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Systems Data and is provided below. A detailed table listing each eligible county can be found here. States are not listed in the table below if they donot have one or more counties with adult obesity prevalence over 40%. Counties with Adult Obesity Prevalence over 40%* State* Number of Counties (% of Counties in State) State* Number of Counties (% of Counties in State) Alabama 36 (54%) Missouri 22 (19%) Alaska 2 (7%) Nebraska 3 (3%) Arkansas 22 (29%) New Mexico 1 (3%) Florida 2 (3%) North Carolina 13 (13%) Georgia 54 (34%) North Dakota 3 (6%) Illinois 3 (3%) Ohio 16 (18%) Indiana 22 (24%) Oklahoma 28 (36%) Iowa 10 (10%) South Carolina 24 (52%) Kansas 12 (11%) South Dakota 7 (11%) Kentucky 47 (39%) Tennessee 10 (11%) Louisiana 35 (55%) Texas 40 (16%) Maryland 1 (4%) Virginia 24 (18%) Michigan 7 (8%) Washington 1 (3%) Minnesota 1 (1%) West Virginia 25 (45%) Mississippi 54 (66%) Wisconsin 2 (3%). Not more than one land grant university from an eligible state will receive funding.

Funder Match Requirements:



93.319 -- Outreach Programs to Reduce the Prevalence of Obesity in High Risk Rural Areas

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Not Required

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Not Applicable

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