Strategies for Creating Funding Sustainability

Most nonprofit organizations rely heavily on grant funding to implement their projects and programs. But grant funding doesn’t last forever. That’s why it’s important to develop a plan for carrying your grant funded projects into the future once specific grant funding periods have ended.

View this hour-long webinar originally broadcast on March 26, 2015, where Resource Associates’ grant expert, Marissa Berg, explains what sustainability is and why it’s an important part of any grant program. Marissa shares ideas about:

  • How to design a sustainability plan
  • How to determine the need after the initial funding period
  • How to identify and leverage new funding sources and partnerships
  • How to integrate a project into your general budget

If your organization is operating grant funded programs or planning to write grants this year, be sure to watch for this webinar. We’ll help you look ahead and ensure you can continue to operate and serve your community.

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