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Grant Management Barriers

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Having written grants for thousands of nonprofit and governmental agencies, Resource Associates intimately understands how the concept of grant management can invoke a number of thoughts and emotions among both novice and experienced grant-funded organizations. These may include…

The Scaredy Cat

“I really don’t understand what funders require for records and reporting so it’s just best I don’t pursue grants, especially government grants;” or

The Resource Drainer Crusader

“Grant management takes too much of my staff’s time;” or

The Do it Yourselfer

“I don’t need someone to manage my grants, I can just work extra hours and do it myself.”

If you have been a victim of such obstacle thinking, then you have one of three options…

#1. The Smart Solution

During the grant writing stage, build your budget so it includes a line item to pay for an outside expert from Resource Associates to manage your grant. If your grant is awarded, you would never have to pay out of pocket for this expense and you would be guaranteed to work with a top expert in the field. Learn more here…

#2. The Internal Resource Solution

Secure some high quality training and onsite audit coaching for those staff members designated to manage your grants. Resource Associates provides a wide range of excellent trainings in the realm of grant management. Learn more here…

#3. Avoid the Solution

Choose not to tap into the billions of dollars available through grants and seek your funding from non-grant sources.

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