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Sustainability Innovation: Introduction

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The ability to sustain a community initiative beyond a grant funding period can be just as important (if not more important) as securing the initial funding. Being awarded a grant is exciting because the funds, most often, create the opportunity for new services and the development of assets whether they are financial, human, or capital assets. Every discretionary grant, however, comes with the reality check the funding could and probably will end someday. Discontinued funding can have a devastating impact on your participants, stakeholders, partners, staff, and community. Without a proper sustainability plan, these entities can feel as though the rug has been pulled out from under them and your organization has failed to meet its commitments.

A good grant manager must task oneself with constantly traversing and overcoming the challenge of sustainability for every grant and initiative he/she manages. That is, every grant and initiative is worthy of sustainability. Grant leaders should always be asking the important questions speaking to the heart of sustainability:

  • How does an agency keep its projects, programs, and overall organization alive after a grant funding period is over?
  • What is the agency needing and trying to sustain?
  • Is what the agency desires to sustain proven to be a quality resource or service to the community with validated results?
  • If an agency continues to provide the resources once funded by a grant, can it fulfill the same level of service? If not, how does one define the level at which sustainability should occur, and how does this level impact desired outcomes?
  • What other resources can be secured to achieve sustainability at an ideal level?

Over the next year, Resource Associates will be providing you with innovative case studies and tips on how to achieve sustainability for practically any program or initiative. Resource Associates’ professionals are the sustainability experts. After founding our 501C3 many years ago and running well over $7 million in grants, we offer exceptional insight into this difficult topic.

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