On-Demand Webinar: Grant Program Stamina: A Case Study in Sustainability


If you are a nonprofit organization that depends on any type of grant funding, you must have a sustainability plan in place – and it must be actively pursued by all of your staff and constantly molded to the needs of your community. Government grant funding – particularly under the new White House administration, is in a volatile state. This happens nearly every time a new party takes over the White House. During this hour long webinar, grant experts Scott Hyland and Deborah Montgomery discuss how nonprofits should adjust their grant strategy in case anticipated government funding doesn’t come through or continuation funding for an existing grant is cut.

The hour-long webinar covers the following topics:

  • Nonprofit Sustainability of Grant Programs & Services
  • Unreliability of Grant Funds
  • Sustainability Case Study & Best Practices
  • Lessons Learned About Traditional and Nontraditional Sustainability Approaches

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