Organizational Development


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

Effective communication among staff, volunteers, board members, and clients is essential to organizational effectiveness and productivity. This training includes, but is not limited to: information, discussion, and purposes and examples of the various types of organizational communication; benefits and downfalls of communication methods; taking individual and supervisory responsibility for good communication; identifying the various audiences; assessment of your organization’s communication system; how to strengthen your agency’s communication; and the basics for developing a communications plan consistent with your purpose, goals, values, and objectives.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

There is often “never enough time” for paid and unpaid staff, as well as board members to accomplish all of the various challenges of developing and managing a nonprofit. This workshop will impart knowledge on effective skills, tools, and techniques to manage time when accomplishing tasks, projects, and goals. Topics that will be included in your training encompass planning, delegating, organizing, scheduling, prioritizing, time wasters, and the cost and impact of time management on your agency and consumers. In addition, participants will be given the opportunity to analyze their current strengths and weaknesses as well as set new time management strategies for their work and personal lives.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

This workshop will explore the reasons for conflict and tension among professionals as well as the costs of conflict to your organization, programs, consumers, and staff. Topics that will be covered include the responsibility of administration to prevent and effectively deal with conflict amongst staff at various levels, methods of preventing conflict, steps to best address and resolve an issue, and how to conduct a conflict resolution meeting. In addition, the presenter will give those in attendance various tools and resources that they can use at work and at home to prevent and address conflict. This workshop is recommended for not only paid staff, but also should include key volunteers and board members.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

This hands-on workshop explores the beneficial reasons for developing an effective team atmosphere. It offers tips for building a team in the work place as well as ways to identify the make-up of various teams that are involved in developing and maintaining a nonprofit organization, such as fundraising event committees. Participants will actively engage in team building exercises as they begin molding and raising their teamwork skills. They will also practice activities that can be utilized throughout the year to continue building positive working relationships.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

Learn when to recruit and how to answer the always evolving question of “who do you need on your board?” Explore what types of skills, personalities, experience, work ethic, and lifestyle to seek as you build your board as well as how and when to say “no thank you” to potential board members. Also learn the advantages and pitfalls to recruiting friends and relatives of current board members or staff; how to sell your organization to a potential board member; procedures to approve a new board member; and sample board recruiting forms and letters.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

Topics of this session include but are not limited to: strategies for introducing your new board members to your agency; developing a board information booklet and binder; assessing the new board member’s strengths, experience, skills, and challenges to determine his/her fit for various board positions and potential duties; grooming and mentoring your new board member for particular projects and tasks, and introducing him/her to nonprofit law and board member liability; benefits of board retreats; analysis of board need for training in various nonprofit areas; thinking out of the box and finding free or low cost training resources; and enhancing board member morale and commitment to your agency.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

Topics of this session include but are not limited to: analysis and discussion of what roles and responsibilities boards and executive committees can take; developing board job descriptions; common competencies of board leaders; strengthening board governance; rules and techniques for board meeting facilitation; how to manage power and influence; strategies and techniques for positively

influencing others; planning an annual board activity and responsibility calendar; appropriate and effective communication with board members and staff; successful delegation; when and how to ask a board member to step down; and showing appreciation.


$2,500 per day plus travel and material cost reimbursement

Topics of this session include: exploring and understanding the differences between leaders and managers; understanding your own morals, values, and goals as a leader; learning about your cultural identity and principles as well as how they play a role in your leadership approach; how to utilize self-assessment tools to identify your strengths and improve your weaknesses as a leader; how to change your habits and behaviors to be a better leader; personal and professional goal setting; organizational management techniques; effective leadership styles; understanding your leadership style; and motivating others in a volunteer or low salaried role.

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