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If you are interested in any of the following grant writing coaching opportunities , please reach out. We’re always happy to answer questions and discuss your organization’s specific areas of need. Consultations are always offered at no charge and with no obligation.

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One important fact you will discover the moment you begin to read grant application guidelines is that writing a grant is like writing in a whole other language. Grant writers have their own acronyms, buzzwords, approaches, and processes that would normally take an outsider years and years to learn and perfect. Resource Associates’ team of Grant Mentors has condensed all of the “need to know” information on grant writing into our Grant Writer Mentoring Training. For 2 full days, one of our top expert Mentors will work directly with you to educate you on these elements and to push your grant writing skills to the next level so that you are ready and able to write your own grants. Resource Associates has had a very successful 15 year “track record” of helping thousands of its school and other clients acquire hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funding. Only our most successful grant writers have been asked to provide mentoring to our clients; therefore, you know you will be working with the best of the best. With the 2 day Grant Writer Mentoring program, these experts will be able to share their strategies and successful techniques with you. Whether you have never even read grant application guidelines or have written several grants on your own, the 2 day Grant Writer Mentoring will be a great investment of your time and resources. The way it works is very simple. After taking a thorough inventory of your knowledge and experience level of working with grants, your assigned Mentor will develop a customized training curriculum tailored towards your specific knowledge gaps and needs. Over the course of 2 full days, you will receive one-on-one training and hands-on mentoring from this expert grant writer. The training may cover a variety of topics you have expressed an interest in, including: how to identify and apply for foundation versus government funding; strategies for determining one’s probability of award and fit for a grant competition; how to develop a budget narrative; tips and tricks for securing STEM and other unique funding; and much more.


So…you’ve found the perfect grant and you’ve decided that you want to write it yourself. But you have writers block and are stuck on a few sections; or you need help with grants.gov registration; or you just don’t really know where to begin. If any of these scenarios ring true, then Proposal Writing Coaching will be perfect for you. If you have already identified the right grant to go for, you probably now know that grant writing is like a whole other language. It is also much more difficult and time consuming than you had imagined. The purpose of Proposal Writing Coaching is to provide you with a Coach who will help you properly write the very best content of your grant proposal and budget while showing you what pitfalls to avoid. The Coach can also help you develop certain sections of the grant or assist in organizing the proposal which will ultimately save you a ton of time and headache in the end. Proposal Writing Coaching will give you the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with one of our top expert grant writers for up to 10 hours. There are a number of services that our Coaches can provide you during your 10 hour slot. They can write pages or sections of your grant proposal. They can conduct a line by line edit and technical review of your work. They can provide you with examples of awarded proposals and sections that have worked successfully for other applicants (and assist you with the re-writing of your narrative). They can write your budget or secure your registration with grants.gov. You are the boss so your input and needs will drive the agenda. If you feel you are lost and you just need help, we have no problem taking on the “boss role” as well. We’ve been writing grants professionally for years and know exactly what needs to be done to successfully wrap up a project. Most of our clients prefer to divide their 10 hours over a week’s time, others like to book a full day with the Coach (8 hours) and then a 2 hour touchback the following week so that the Coach can review progress made. As we talk with you prior to the actual coaching, we will work with you to come up with the perfect schedule that meets all of your needs.


If you think getting a federal grant is hard…try surviving an audit. Keep your grantors and auditors happy by getting the training you need to properly manage your programs. Build your organization’s grant management processes, procedures, systems, and accounts with expert, onsite training from industry professionals. We will assess the audit-readiness of your existing initiatives and accounting systems, and provide seasoned guidance on surviving a federal (or other type of grant) audit.

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